About us

Since more than 100 years -
precision at first hand

No matter where or when you have to measure
low pressure, temperature, flow, or relative humidity
among other measuring quantities

You will encounter Grillo measuring devices in any case.

Many decades of experience and a clear commitment to first-grade workmanship make our measuring devices more precise, durable and thus extremely cost-effective.

Above all in the field of low-pressure measuring the measuring devices made by Grillo keep the promises they make and thus live up to their good reputation. Innovative technology requirements are handled with individual feeling, ensuring that each pressure engineering problem is reliably solved.

In this process a close cooperation with partners and customers is indispensable for us. We know what is important in planning and design and manufacture our equipment accordingly, ensuring that our devices are tuned to planner, operator and user requirements. Our quality standard: The long life of our products, because it is your satisfaction that counts.

We offers

  • the perfect solution for every problem
  • top know-how in teh field of low-pressure measuring
  • first-grade workmanship
  • innovative technology handled with individual feeling

You buy

  • long-lasting, reliable and efficient products
  • devices which are optimally tuned to planning, operator and user requirements
  • a manufacturer and partner with international connections keeping your requirements in mind at all times