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For the area of low pressure measurement
differential pressure device Peritact 80, Peritact 2000, Peritact2000-K and Peritact 2000-K10
differential pressure indicator DA 2000, DA 2000-A, DA 2000-K und DA 85
pressure switches DS
differential pressure sensors DS 85 (3-wire), DS 85 (2-wire), DS 85-P and DS 200
differential pressure controller DPC 200
venturi tubes for air flow measurement in tubings
cylinder pitot tube for velocity measurement in tubings
measuring grid for air flow measurement in tubings
For the area temperature and humidity
temperature sensors up to 160 °C (KF1, ETF, RF1, AF1 and ATF), 400 °C (WBV and RGF),
1150 °C and 1500 °C
transmitters WT 225, VT 225 and WF 225
supply and signal converter ST 225
supply converter SP 225
isolation amplifiers TR 225
limit switch GS 225
temperature Mini 72, MTA 90, MTA 90-P, Mini 90 and Mini 90-P
transmitter for relative humidity and temperatur PFT 22, PFT 22H
climate transmitter PFT 25, PFT 25H and PFT 28
measuring device flora II
For the area flowmeters
orifice plates
measuring tube
differentia pressure transmitter
flow measurement GPM
heat quantity measurement
heat meters for liquid heat carrier WR 200-F
heat meters for steam WR 200-D
For special applications
CO² monitor CMR
Ice thickness controll EDR
pressure transmitter PU21 and PI21
flue gas analyser O2T
For the area measured values
analog indicator AQD and AQ72
LED indicator AD 72P and AD 96TF