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The measuring transmitter PFT 25 converts the directly measured values temperature and relative humidity into often used climatic values dew point temperature, absolute humidity, web bulb temperature and enthalpy by digital calculation.

The device has two analogue outputs, output 1 is always set to temperature, whilst the second output can be set to 4 further values by a two stage dip-switch.

The design of the PFT25 corresponds to the transmitter PFT22.


* Measurement of temperature and relative humidity with a Single-Chip-Sensor
* Fast response time
* Digital signal from the sensor to the evaluation electronics
* Temperature range -30...+50 °C
* Humidity range 0...100 %
* Display of temperature, rel. humidity, dew point, absolute humidity, wet bulb temperature and enthalpy
* Analog outputs 0...10 V oder 4...20 mA
* Replacement of the sensor without re-calibration
* Exchange sensor supplied separately

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