Analog indicator AQ72

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  • Moving coil for analogue display of electrical values ​​
  • Pivot and moving coil with magnetic core system
  • Input 0...20 mA or 4...20 mA
  • DIN size 96 x 96 mm or 72 x 72 mm


Analog indicator AQ72 DIN-size 72 x 72 mm for analog display of electrical quantities, that are shown as a 0...20 mA or 4...20 mA signal.



Measured plant: pivot and moving-coil, nuclear magnetic system
Range: 0...20 mA or 4...20 mA
Internal resistance: approx. 3 Ω
Scale-lenght: AQD 91 mm, AQ72 69 mm
Measurement accuracy: 1,5 % from scales beginning
Connection: with screw clamp
Weight: approx. 250 g
Accessories: 2 recessed cleats


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