Heat energy meter WR200-F

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The heat energy meter WR 200-F for liquid heat carriers is a microcontrolled electronic counter for counting heat or chill energy and quantity of flow.

The WR 200-F serves for measuring heat or chill energy in closed systems with liquid heat carriers.
Counting over a pre-adjustable period is achieved by two additional resettable counters in conjunction with a clock and automatic calendar (RTCC).

All measured and counted values are displayed with their physical units on an illuminated four-line alphanumeric LCD-display. The heat carrier may be water but other liquids (water-glycol mixtures, thermal oil) can also be used. The thermal coefficients of water are stored in the unit for a temperature range of 0...250 °C.
The heat energy meter is provided for connection of any flow sensor with analog output.


  • Microcontrolled electronic computing device
  • Temperature range -50...0...+250 °C
  • Any flow sensor with analog signal can be connected
  • two Pt100 inputs for flow and return temperature
  • exact ocefficient calculation according to IAPWS-IP97
  • backlit alphanumeric LCD display 4x20 characters
  • built-in clock and automatic calendar up 2099 (RTCC)
  • counters for heat energy and flow quantity
  • resettable counters for adjustable periods
  • four analog outputs 0/4...20 mA
  • two pulse outputs for M-Bus connection (optional)
  • DIN-rail mounting or wall-mounting case
  • accessories for panel-mounting


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